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I love customising packages for every one of my clients so don’t worry if you aren’t sure exactly what you want yet! I’ll walk you through it!

I would love to learn all about your project, to understand your messaging and collaborate with you, ensuring we share your story fully, with your niche audience .

Gladly, I'll share my expertise & trade secrets, to help you & your brand harness inherent creative genius, develop brand forward styles that will take your business to next level epic through heart stopping, bold images & mouth-watering healthy recipes!

Some details that would be helpful to include in your email to me include; Who you/your brand are, What is your delicious product & What service [food photography, recipe development or other service] interests you?

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P.P.S - I am based in Nairobi - Kenya as well as in Cairo-Egypt. However, I am fully Available to Work Remotely.

I also frequent other cities such as Rome & Buenos Aires.