Bet you a little curious...

Award winning editorial food, product & lifestyle photographer beautifully capturing a feeling, a moment, a brand story.

I have to say, all the street-cred goes out to my late mother for all things food within my know-how.

She made me into this flavourful, all things healthy* lover... & filled me up with a curiosity to try [albeit constantly] new food & lifestyle ways.

That curiosity led me to want to share my discoveries... Hence, foodtography.

Hey, meet Rispah Wambugi,

Littu dogg-oh & plant mom.

Born & bred Nairobi city girl... who's love of travel gifted her with life in different countries over 3 continents. Which translated into being based in 2 cities at any given time, most recently; Nairobi & Cairo [...Pyramids, yes! :)]

Inherently, I am a mini perfectionist with an eye for 'forgotten' details.

Working as a First Class crew member in a world class airline truly refined my customer experience skills and the importance of [food] presentation across cultures. This I wholly integrate into my workflow and tailored service to you.

[..yes, I know when to lay up chopsticks horizontally vs vertically (lifehack? - chuckles* maybe*)]

As a plant based photographer, I did various projects in Egypt & Kenya. Most relevant are;

❥ Traditional bread preparation process in Wadi el Gamal desert produced by pastoralists adopting slow food concept [Egypt],

❥ Selected geographical indication products [watermelons, figs, olive oil, jams, etc.] in many governorates of Egypt including in the region of Mt. Sinai.

❥ Documenting events & workshops related with food, local sustainable products and culture such as Lisa's Hope charity event in Kajiado-Kenya.

❥ Various projects with restaurants in Nairobi such as Soul Vegetarian & Lamu such as Subira [who are integrated & awarded the slow food badge]. Product based photography includes brands such as Yumborghini.

❥ I did double up as a Polo Sports & Creative Art photographer during my time in Egypt which helped push me to higher skill set levels that I translate into my foodtography profession.

❥ Accolades include being awarded a Canon "Women Who Empower" Project Winner in 2021 & a JAMII Femmes nominee 2022.

❥ Professionally Certified by The School of Photography-UK.

❥ Mentored by award winning photographers namely; Kimberly Espinel-UK, Darina Kopcok-CA, Yehia El Alaily-EG, & Fanette Rickert-FR&USA.

❥ I'm part of Women Work Network Kenya and together with other professionals, we provide a full service package of photo + film.

Other experiences include; supervising a restaurant + lounge in Arusha-Tanzania as well as being a sort after make-up artist in Nairobi.

Fun activities include dancing [hallo salsa, kizomba, cha-cha-cha!], nature walks, reading and leisure travel.

If you love photos you can smell, taste, touch or feel!, then, I’d love the opportunity to work with you!

I think We ought to work Together! think so too? Great!

I also know that you already have delicious, appetite-inducing foods & products.

So the second your customers click over to your media sites, their mouths should water and their minds should light up with ideas for dinner. But hunger is only the first step.

Now it’s one thing to show your customers your product and make them want it. It’s another to have them fall in love with it. How? By;

  1. Letting them dream about the lifestyle your products reflect through stunning imagery + perfect branding.
  2. Seeing them create organic marketing campaigns for your brand as they share content from your media sites like tempting food images, tasty healthy recipes, engaging blog entries & videos that spread the word about your awesome brand.
  3. Helping them create lasting memories as they whip up delicious dishes with your products, cooking alongside friends and family.

You certainly don't want to be more just another item in your customer’s fridge or pantry. Being an integral part of their lives is your desire. And fortunately, love at first sight is still possible.

What you need to ensure is that, you wow your customers from the 1st encounter, create an ongoing relationship with them & maintain it beyond their plates.

Kindly email me or fill out the Contact form here. Lets discuss your project over some tea :).

P.S - I know there are several options when it comes to choosing professional food photographers & [plant - based] recipe developers, it means the world that you are considering to work with me.

P.P.S - I can't wait to see what creative awesomeness we come up with!